How to use disc pelleting machine to make zeolite granules

Introduction to Zeolite Granules

Zeolite granules are a type of natural mineral that has been processed into small, uniform pellets. These granules are commonly used in various industries, including agriculture, water treatment, and air purification, due to their high absorption capacity and ion exchange properties. One of the most efficient ways to produce zeolite granules is by using a disc pelleting machine.

Understanding the Disc Pelleting Machine

The disc pelleting machine, also known as a pan granulator, is a piece of equipment that is designed to convert fine powder or small particles into granules. The machine consists of a large, rotating disc that is angled at a specific degree to create the necessary force to form the granules. The disc is equipped with a scraper to prevent the material from sticking to the surface and to ensure even distribution.

Preparing the Zeolite Powder

Before the zeolite powder can be granulated, it must be prepared to ensure that it is the correct size and consistency. The powder should be sieved to remove any large particles or impurities that could affect the granulation process. It is also important to ensure that the powder is dry, as moisture can cause the granules to become clumpy and uneven.

Setting Up the Disc Pelleting Machine

Once the zeolite powder is prepared, the disc pelleting machine can be set up. The angle of the disc should be adjusted to the appropriate degree, which will depend on the size and density of the zeolite powder. The speed of the disc should also be set to the correct level, as this will affect the size and quality of the granules.

disc zeolite pellets making machine
disc zeolite pellets making machine

Granulating the Zeolite Powder

To begin the granulation process, the zeolite powder is fed into the disc pelleting machine. As the disc rotates, the powder is forced to the edge of the disc, where it begins to form small granules. The scraper helps to ensure that the granules are uniform in size and shape. The process continues until all of the powder has been granulated.

Drying and Cooling the Granules

After the granules have been formed, they must be dried and cooled to ensure that they are stable and ready for use. The granules can be dried using a rotary dryer or a fluidized bed dryer. Once they are dry, they can be cooled using a cooling conveyor or a rotary cooler.


Using a disc pelleting machine to make zeolite granules is an efficient and effective way to produce high-quality granules for various industries. By following the steps outlined above, manufacturers can ensure that their granules meet the necessary specifications and are ready for use.