Welcome to BRsq.org.  One question we hear often from readers is, “What does that stand for?”  Well, we stand for many things.  Improving Canton, raising expectations for our youth and the community that should support them, producing quality media for those youth and teaching those youth how to do it for themselves to name a few.  But that whole BRsq thing actually stems from a conversation between one of our founders, Rick Senften, and our first editor, Tangina Stone.  He was repeating (yet again!) that the way to reach out and cover the community was to be respectful.  In return, the community would respect us.  Her response was , “Let’s call it BRsquared then, Be Respectful, Be Respected.”  To lessen the load on our readers’ memories, this was shortened to BRsq.org for our URL.

We hope that as our mentors, volunteers and young staff work to learn about mass media, the First Amendment, the workings of Stark County and how to make it an even better place to live, that you take the journey with us.  Make us one of your stops for finding out what is happening – good and bad- locally and what role you can play it.

BRsq.org is the focus program of the educational nonprofit Citizen X Inc.  Please contact Interim Executive Director Carla Thompson at carlathompson@brsq.org if you are interested in receiving updates about this program and others run by Citizen X. And don’t forget to visit the Support page to find out how you can help our movement and who else has already done their part.