What granulators are suitable for making bentonite pellets

Bentonite is a type of absorbent clay that is formed from volcanic ash and is commonly used in various industries, from oil drilling to pet litter manufacturing. Transforming bentonite clay into pellets enhances its manageability, application efficiency, and product consistency. To achieve this, specialized equipment known as granulators are employed. Below are some of the granulators that are suitable for making bentonite pellets, along with their unique characteristics and applications.

Disc Granulator (Pan Granulator)

Principle and Application

Disc granulators machine work on the principle of granule formation by agglomeration and size enlargement through rolling motion. They are widely used for processing fine powdery materials into round pellets. Bentonite, being a fine powder, is well-suited for this type of equipment.

disc pelletizer for bentonite pellets making
disc pelletizer for bentonite pellets making


  • Simple structure and easy to control
  • Uniform pellet size
  • Suitable for a continuous or batch process

Rotary Drum Granulator

Principle and Application

Rotary drum granulator  machines are large cylindrical drums that rotate on an inclined axis. This equipment is preferred in large-scale production of bentonite pellets due to its high capacity and continuous operation.

bentonite pellets rotary drum granulation machine
bentonite pellets rotary drum granulation machine


  • High efficiency and large capacity
  • Suitable for large-scale production
  • Can handle a wide range of material moisture levels

Double Roller Granulator

Principle and Application

Extrusion granulation machine work by pressing powder between two rotating rollers to form pellets. They are ideal for compounds like bentonite that require compaction and densification rather than moisture-based agglomeration.

double roller press granulator
double roller press granulator


  • No need for drying or cooling steps
  • Suitable for making dense and hard pellets
  • Low energy consumption

Selection Considerations

When selecting the most suitable granulator for bentonite pelletizing, factors such as the scale of production, desired pellet quality, energy consumption, and initial investment cost should be considered. It is also critical to think about the end-use of the bentonite pellets, as different applications might require varying pellet characteristics. Consulting with equipment manufacturers and running trial granulations can help in choosing the optimal granulator for a given application.

What Organic Materials Can Be Used in Disc Granulator?

Shunxin will shed light on the diverse array of organic materials that can be harnessed as valuable resources through the transformative power of disc granulators. Join us as we hold the versatile disc granulation machine which is suitable for organic materials, and they play the pivotal role in promoting sustainable agricultural practices and environmental stewardship.

Pan Granulation Machine
Pan Granulation Machine

Flexible Applications of Disc Greanulator

A pan granulator is a versatile machine designed to process a wide range of organic materials, transforming them into valuable organic fertilizer granules. Some of the organic materials that can be effectively used in a disc granulator include:

Disc Granulator for Organic Fertilizer Production
Disc Granulator for Organic Fertilizer Production

1. Livestock Manure

Livestock manure, deriving from animal husbandry operations, serves as a cornerstone of organic fertilizer production through disc granulation. Whether originating from cattle, poultry, pigs, or other livestock, the nutrient-rich composition of livestock manure renders it a prime candidate for conversion into organic fertilizer granules, enriching the soil with essential nutrients and organic matter.

2. Agricultural Residues

The residues of agricultural activities, encompassing straw, hay, stalks, and other crop by-products, can be repurposed in pellitizing disc, breathing new life into what would otherwise be considered agricultural waste. Disc granulation of agricultural residues yields organic fertilizer granules that contribute to the enrichment of soil nutrients, fostering sustainable agricultural practices.

3. Food Waste

Organic waste generated from food processing facilities, restaurants, and households can find a second life through the transformative capabilities of this granulator. By converting food waste into nutrient-dense organic fertilizer granules, disc granulation machine offers a sustainable solution for the management of organic waste, reducing environmental impact and promoting circular economy principles.

4. Green Waste

Biomass in the form of green waste, including grass clippings, leaves, and plant trimmings, can undergo a metamorphosis in pan pelletizer. Through this process, green waste is transformed into organic fertilizer granules, contributing to sustainable waste management while enhancing soil fertility and vitality.

5. Sewage Sludge

In some contexts, treated sewage sludge can be repurposed through disc granulation, culminating in the production of organic fertilizer granules. This sustainable utilization of sewage sludge as a raw material underscores the environmentally conscious approach to waste management and resource recovery.

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The Valuable Finished Products

The finished products from disc granulation of organic waste extend beyond mere waste reduction:

Pan Pelletizer
Pan Pelletizer

    1. Organic Fertilizers:

    Granular organic waste is rich in nutrients, making it an excellent source for organic fertilizers. These fertilizers enhance soil fertility, promote plant growth, and contribute to sustainable agriculture practices.

    2. Biomass Energy:

    The granular biomass from organic waste can be utilized as a renewable energy source. Whether for direct combustion or bioenergy production, the biomass output holds the key to cleaner and more sustainable energy generation.

    3. Soil Amendments:

    The organic matter present in the granules improves soil structure and water retention. As a result, these granules serve as effective soil amendments, enhancing the overall health of agricultural and garden soils.

    By processing these organic materials in disc granulator, these machines help to harness the nutrient potential of organic waste, transforming it into high-quality organic fertilizer that can be used to enhance soil fertility and support sustainable agricultural practices. Visit this website: https://www.fertilizerproductequipment.com/pelletizing-disc/ for more information.