The Price of Cow Dung Composting Machines

Cow dung composting has gained significant attention in recent years due to its environmental and agricultural benefits. As a result, the market for cow dung composting machines has grown rapidly. In this blog, we will explore the various factors that influence the price of cow dung composting machines, specifically focusing on the price of large/small scale compost systems and the price of high and low automatic degree composting machines.

The Price of Large-scale Compost Systems

Large-scale compost systems are designed to handle a substantial amount of cow dung efficiently. These systems are suitable for commercial purposes or farms with a high volume of cattle. And it can be equipped with a fertilizer crushing machine or a fertilizer mixer machine. The price of a large-scale compost system can vary depending on factors such as capacity, materials used, and additional features. On average, the price for a large-scale compost system can range from $10,000 to $20,000.

cow dung composting machiine
cow dung composting machiine

The Price of Small-scale Compost Systems

Small-scale compost systems are ideal for individual farmers or small-scale farms with a limited amount of cow dung. These systems are compact, portable, and easy to operate. The price of a small-scale compost system is generally lower than that of a large-scale system due to its smaller capacity and simplified design. A small-scale compost system can range from $5,000 to $10,000.

cow dung composting machine
cow dungcomposting machiine

The Price of High Automatic Degree Composting Machines

High automatic degree composting machines are equipped with advanced technology and automation features, making the composting process more efficient and convenient. These machines often have features such as temperature control, moisture adjustment, and automatic turning. And the high automatic degree composting machine can be equipped with a fertilizer dewatering machine, which is hellpful to improve the working efficiency of composting. The price of high automatic degree composting machines depends on the brand, capacity, and advanced features they offer. On average, the price for a high automatic degree composting machine can range from $8,000 to $30,000.

The Price of Low Automatic Degree Composting Machines

For those on a tighter budget or with simpler composting requirements, low automatic degree composting machines are a more cost-effective option. These machines may offer basic functionality while still providing the essential composting process. The price range for a low automatic degree composting machine can be more budget-friendly, ranging from $800 to $5,000.

cow dungcomposting machiine
cow dungcomposting machiine with low automatic degree


When considering investing in a cow dung composting machine, it is essential to understand the different price ranges available based on scale and automatic degree. Large-scale compost systems are designed for commercial purposes and farms with high dung volume, while small-scale systems are better suited for individual farmers or small-scale farms. High automatic degree composting machines offer advanced technology for enhanced efficiency, while low automatic degree machines provide more budget-friendly options. By considering these factors, individuals can make informed decisions about the most suitable cow dung composting machine that meets their needs and budget. By composting, it’s beneficial to maintain the homogeneity of fertilizers. Click to read more.

How To Properly Use A Windrow Compost Turner?

When you are producing compost, one of the most effective tools that you can use is a windrow compost turner. These are very effective, due to their design, and their ability to move forward through these long lines of compost that you have laid out. As it does, it’s going to turn the material over, increasing the aeration within the pile that will exacerbate the bacteria. In doing so, you will end up with more compost in a shorter period of time using this unique compost turner that is easy to use. The following information will show you how to properly use a Windrow compost turner.

Understanding How This Machine Works

First of all, a windrow simply refers to a long line of material that is often dug up and will form a long line. When you are composting materials, and using this as your format for doing so, that is where the composting machine with windrow fermentation craft can come in. They are designed to move directly through those tiles, turning the material over with tines that are attached to the machine. These are driven at a slow pace, but a consistent one, that will ensure consistent aeration of the composting material.

Moving Type Windrow Turner for Sale
Movable compost turner is suitable for working in open space or workshop.

How Do You Use One?

Most of these are large enough for the operator to be seated in a cab toward the front. These are traditionally quite large, allowing the pile of debris to go directly underneath the contraption which is where it will be turned over. This is possible because of the rotating drum which can actually measure up to 4 m in width. The drum is going to rotate at a speed of up to 800 RPMs, and will often use nozzles for the dispersal of water onto the compost as it is moving through it. By keeping the compost moist, meanwhile, using the windrow fermentation method to adding extra air, the bacteria can thrive. It is through the activities of the bacteria that the manure can be broken down into compost for the next season.

The Controls Inside Of The Windrow Compost Turner

The controls are actually relatively straightforward. There is a steering wheel. There will also be levers and knobs. Depending upon the manufacturer, they will craft this to be as simplistic as possible. You can control whether or not the rotating drum is on, and also the speed at which it is going to move. All of these functions are controlled by a trained professional that is likely taking care of all of the windrows on the property. By being consistent, you can end up with a substantial amount of compost for the next planting season.

This basic overview of how they function will enable you to produce more compost than ever before. If you do not have you may want to consider placing an order for one of the largest and latest windrow fermenting turners on the market. By utilizing this technology, you can expand your business, perhaps planting more crops than ever before. All it takes is a little bit of research to find the best manufacturer that can offer you an excellent Windrow compost turner of your very own.

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Using Windrow Composting Equipment As Your Main Machine For Composting

Organic waste is created at all times in our everyday life. There is a wide variety of organic waste such as poultry and livestock manure, human manure, municipal waste, food waste from the kitchen, straw from farmland, and so on. Organic waste covers extensive pieces of land leading to pollution. Since it consists of many unexploited nutritional components, however, it can be applied as raw materials for your organic fertilizer. In turn, this will benefit the agricultural products. For this reason, windrow composting equipment would be useful in converting organic waste into useful organic fertilizer.

Windrow composting method is one among several methods that you can produce organic fertilizer from breaking down organic waste. For this composting method, you will require to pile organic waste such that they form long rows. One other necessary thing to keep in mind is to keep turning the organic waste frequently; this will reduce the composting period and enhance the quality of compost.

Why Do You Need a Windrow Composting Equipment to Turn Compost Pile?

As the fermentation process progresses, the temperature will rise and fall at irregular intervals. Therefore, you will require to turn that compost pile to adjust the temperature and increase oxygen content. What’s more, the fermentation level of manure might be different in various sections of the compost pile, and there might also be lumped materials present. You, therefore, require to turn the materials thoroughly.

Additionally, this piece of equipment can also blend these materials to reduce the temperature and reduce oxygen content. With those reasons, if you have many compost piles to work on or you want better fermentation of organic waste, this machine can be an ideal choice to turn them.

What Types of Windrow Composting Equipment are There?

There are two popular types of windrow composting machine  : crawler type windrow compost turner and moving type windrow compost turner.

– Crawler type

The main components include engine, cab, rubber track chassis, rotor, and hydraulic push plates. During the process, the entire machine stretches across the particular windrow compost pile. The blades attached to the rotor will then thoroughly blend and crush the available organic waste; this will allow the materials to receive oxygen fully. Those sharp blades have efficient working capability and, therefore, have long service life.

– Moving type

This windrow compost turner is also known as self-propelled or self-moving compost turning machine. Unlike the former, a moving type turner consists of four wheels. In the process, the entire equipment spans the particular windrow compost. The knife shaft located under the frame of the equipment usually turns, loosens, and pushes the available organic waste. The compost pile will produce new windrow compost in the back of the turning machine.

Even though both of these two kinds of compost turning machines are classified as windrow turner machines, they actually have varying features. Before making a purchase, it is prudent to double-check on the features first so that you can choose what would be most suitable for your specific requirements.